1. There are NO REFUNDS for any classes missed.

2. There are NO REFUNDS after classes have started. This includes members cancelling classes for personal reasons, members or the facility cancelling classes for reasons including but not limited to: fire, flood, storms, acts of nature, natural disasters, acts of war, insurrection, terrorism, outbreak, pandemics, epidemics, disease or emergency. 

If a parent wishes to cancel a class before the session begins a refund will be given minus a $50 administration fee.

3. A partial credit may be given upon receipt of a signed Doctor's certificate. This will be subject to a $125 administrative fee per child at the discretion of the Club.

4. There may be a club designated discount for the 2nd or 3rd child of a family.

5. There is a further discount if paying for the full year.

6. We accept all methods of payment except AMEX. 

7. The only time parents are allowed in the gym area is during Parent Viewing. Richmond Hill Gymnastics Club reserves the right to cancel/suspend Parent Viewing days in order to protect the health and safety of members and staff if required. 

8. All NSF cheques will be subject to a $25.00 charge. We have the right to pull a child from the program for unpaid fees.

9. We have the right to move any child to an appropriate class where needed.

10. Missed classes can not be accumulated as a credit for the next session. (EXCEPTION: Previously issued Credits and Covid-19 related Credits and Make-Up Tokens) 

11. Make-ups must be done within the session, are subject to availability and are limited to 2 per session. (EXCEPTION: Covid-19 and management issued Make-Up Tokens with expiry dates later than the end of the session)

12. No make ups 2 weeks prior to parent viewing.

13. No make ups available if your athlete misses the last class of the session. 

14. All children must be picked up on time at the end of their class. Parents who may be running late are required to contact the office to make special arrangements. All older athletes and coaches must wait inside until a parent arrives to pick them up. Richmond Hill Gymnastics Club is not responsible for any athlete once they have left the gym area. Once in the lobby they become the responsibility of the parent.

15. Covid- 19 is classified as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. We kindly ask athletes who are experiencing any symptoms related to Covid 19 or who have been in close contact with people or family experiencing these symptoms, or athletes/families who have returned from travel in the past 14 days to remain at home. We are not able to refund classes that are missed for Covid-19 related reasons however the office staff will be happy to help make special arrangements where possible. We thank you for doing your part to control the spread of this disease. 



Current office hours will vary due to the COVID-19 situation. Please Email or leave a phone message if we we are not available and we will respond as soon as possible. Please expect a slower then normal response time. 


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