What to expect…

Athletes will stay healthy and have fun while training in our fully equipped, air conditioned facility with socially distanced group activities as well as individual programs designed to enhance co-ordination, strength, balance, flexibility, and self-confidence while developing social skills. These classes focus on each students’ capacity to learn on an individual level in a group setting while utilizing gymnastics events. Gymnastics is an amazing way to stay fit and active. We hope to see you soon!

Who can attend...

Classes are open to all athletes age 3+

What to bring…

  • Gym bag with large Ziploc or grocery bag for shoes

  • Come dressed for class. Use of cubbies and change-rooms will NOT be permitted.

  • Personal supply of hair-ties and band-aids

  • A labelled water bottle 

  • Personal hand sanitizer

Some notes…

At this point in time you should have already accepted our COVID-19 policies. The following information outlines our protocols for keeping our athletes and coaches safe. Please be sure you are educated on our policies to promote a safe and fun experience. 

  • Athletes are to be dropped off at the front door / social distance markers. No parents will be allowed in the gym.

  • Athletes and staff must wear a masks at all times while inside of the facility.  

  • Athletes will be asked screening questions and receive temperature checks before they are permitted to enter. 

  • Athletes must come changed. Change-room use is not permitted. 

  • Athletes will sanitize hands and feet upon entering the facility. 

  • Outdoor shoes will be bagged upon entering the front door. Any additional clothes will be placed in their gym bags, these bags will go with them from event to event. 

  • Social distancing will be practiced in the facility. 

  • Socially distanced markers have been placed on the floor for warm-up drills and games.

  • Athletes will work individually on drills / circuits on each event.

  • Athletes will have their own piece of equipment for several minutes and will sanitize their hands, feet, and equipment between event rotations.

  • Athletes will have a short break to use the washrooms and have a drink.

  • Washroom visits will happen one at a time and all handles / taps / toilets will be sanitized frequently

  • We are asking that no food be brought into the facility at this time. 

  • At the end of class, athletes will be picked up at the south door by the balance beams. 

  • The entire facility will be cleaned in between groups of classes. 

Summer Evening 2022
Tuesday July 12-Tuesday August 23 (No Class Tues Aug 2)

Co-Ed Recreational Class Options


Kindergym Ages 3-5    5:00-6:00,  6:00-7:00,  7:00-8:00

Junior Gymnastics Ages 6-7          5:00-6:30,  6:30-8:00

Senior Gymnastics Ages 8+          5:00-6:30,  6:30-8:00


1 Hour Class -$180

1.5 Hour Class -$270