Frequently Asked Questions

Richmond Hill Gymnastics Club FAQ's

What should my child wear to gymnastics?

All athletes should wear comfortable fitted clothing that is easy to move around in. Try to stay away from zippers, buckles, buttons and instead select items like t-shirts, tank tops, shorts or leggings.

Competitive athletes are required to wear gymsuits. These are also an option for developmental members. 

Where can I purchase a gymsuit?

Simple gymsuits and dance leotards for younger children can usually be purchased at Walmart and come in white, pink and black. If you are looking for fun designs and custom suits for boys and girls at great prices, try 

Do athletes wear shoes in the gym?

In most cases the answer is NO. Athletes usually participate in gymnastics n bare feet. Socks and tights are slippery and unsafe. Gymnastics slippers are an option  (they are tight fitting stretchy shoes that have leather bottoms) but are truly not necessary. 

Does my child need grips and if so where can I purchase them?

Most developmental athletes do not require grips. They are completely optional at this level. Competitive athletes are required to purchase grips . In both cases athletes can be sized for and purchase grips from out office.