COVID -19 Information

 PLEASE NOTE. In the event that York Region is forced into another LOCKDOWN, all remining classes in the session will be conducted virtually. For those who do not wish to participate in virtual classes, there will be no refunds or credits issued. By registering your child into the program you are consenting to this condition. 


Protocols at the Gym

Before Training

All Athletes. staff and visitors age 12+ must show proof of vaccination (QR CODE) in order to be admitted to the facility.


All club members, parents and staff will be required to complete a declaration form stating their understanding of COVID-19 as well as their responsibility to self regulate.

Participants and staff should not enter the facility if either they or a household member has had an onset of an illness with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 related symptoms in the past 5 days.

Athletes will arrive at the front of the gym and take a spot in the socially distanced line waiting to be admitted by a staff member. Athletes and staff must wear a mask when they enter the facility AND during training 

Athletes will arrive at the gym changed. Use of the change rooms will not be permitted. The washrooms will be open for limited use and will be cleaned regularly.

Athletes will arrive wearing a mask and with gym bag or tote containing all of their personal items. This bag/tote will stay with them the entire practice and will be carried from event to event. Athletes who arrive without their mask or bag/tote will not be allowed into the gym for training

Immediately upon entering the gym athletes will be required to remove their footwear, bag their shoes and place them in their gym bag/tote.

They will be asked to sanitize their feet, and then wash and sanitize their hands before entering the training area.

During Training

Athletes will be directed to a marked area on the floor for warm-up. They will place their bag/tote beside them while they warm-up.

After warm-up athletes will be given a few moments to go to the washroom (if required) one by one. At this time, athletes will also receive instructions from their coaches as to the training plan for the rest of the practice.

Athletes will be stationed in such a way that they maintain an absolute minimum of 6 feet apart through their entire training.

They will be required to sanitize their hands and feet before each event. We intend to keep them on individual apparatus for extended periods of time to minimize the number of times that they will need to sanitize. Although we will have hand sanitizer available at each event, we suggest sending athletes to gym with their preferred brand.


Respiratory etiquette will be required including coughing or sneezing into either one’s arm or a tissue

Maximum numbers in the facility will be determined by Provincial Guidelines.


One of the key protocols is that there will be NO SHARING of personal items. All athletes will be required to have their own drink bottle,  tupperware container for chalk, spray bottle, tape, braces, massage items etc. The gym will have chalk and tape available for sale for all members.


R.H.G.C. may be required to modify/cancel events such as parent viewing days in order to respect maximum facility numbers.

After Training

At the end of training, athletes will be dismissed one by one through either the south door of the facility labeled door C (by beams)  or the West door labeled door B (to the right of the entrance)

Gymnastics equipment, mats, floors, counters and bathrooms will be sanitized between programs as well as at the end of the day.


Government of Ontario handwashing and physical distancing protocols will be posted in high traffic areas for visual reminders.

Physical distancing requirements will be met from drop-off, through training and during pick up through use of marked areas.

Gymnastics equipment, mats, floors, counters and bathrooms will be sanitized between programs as well as at the end of the day.

No spectators will be permitted in the gym through this phase of re-opening/training.  There will always be a minimum of two coaches in the facility and the front door will be locked as soon as the program is ready to enter the gym. Late arrivals will not be permitted entrance to the facility.


Prior to coming to work, all staff will be required to screen themselves using a self assessment tool and report to their designated supervisor to determine if they have any COVID related symptoms. A record log of self assessments will be kept.

All recreational and competitive coaching will be performed with  limited spotting. Training will be modified so that athletes are performing only safe skills/drills for them. Spotting is always permitted to occur in emergencies if it is required to prevent injury.

Coaches must wear a mask and sanitize their hands and or wear gloves if they are taping an athlete.